let me reintroduce myself.

Hi. My name is Jen or Jennifer but never Jenny. I used to blog around here back in the day.

I started blogging a million years ago. It was a tittle weight loss blog mostly then it was a random life/book blog then it was a mostly non-used blog and now I want it to healing/finding j/zen blog.

a lot has happened in the last 365 days


I feel pulled back to this space. I have not been taking the best care of myself – physically or emotionally. This place lets me process “stuff” while also holding myself accountable. That part is kind of important. I tend to procrastinate, forget to take care of myself, fall into books an escape, binge re-watch Grey’s Anatomy. In short, I am my own worst enemy. Why can I take care of everyone else but not totally neglect myself?!?

Dang, can I ramble….anther reason I need this space.





never Jenny

a hot mess

a work in progress

a supporter, a cheerleader, a teacher, a mother, a wife

and more that is yet to be determined.


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