Menu Plan Monday

The kitchen whiteboard

The process to create the menu plan helps keep me on track, in several ways, for the week. When planning the weekly menu, I start with the calendar. Knowing what is going on for the week really helps plan the meals. After looking at the calendar, I survey the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I keep writing “I” but really this is a team project. Big Man is right with me planning, prepping, cooking, and shopping.

Random side note: I LOVE using my kitchen whiteboard for planning. There’s usually a running list of the freezer inventory and a grocery list.

Planning the meals keeps me on my budget as well as health goals. Staying on budget is critical at all times but especially these last few weeks of summer. And especially this summer. Big Man was out of work over a month and his one week in the hospital was a tad expensive ((but I’m not complaining. I pay for great insurance and everything except part of an ambulance ride was covered.)) The extra expense came from me missing work (I’m the earner in the house), paying for parking, extra gas, and food for me at the hospital…it all added up. And now, these last few weeks until I am back to regularly scheduled paychecks the budget is finite and tiny. Planning is even more important. Planning helps me stress just a tad less about money. Stocking up beforehand is anyway to make planning and prepping easier as well as slightly less stressful.

How do you menu plan?


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