Monday Menu Plan

Monday: Brined & grilled whole chicken, white rice, and honey carrots

Tuesday: Sausage Soup & salad

Wednesday: flank steak, warm potato salad, grilled jersey corn

Thursday: chicken thighs, leftovers, and salad or green veg

Friday: dinner out….it’s Qs big night!!

Weekend: fresh fish and clams from Randall’s (a local fish market, right on the bay)

A few pictures from last week’s eats!

bofa soup
ginger pork & GF lomein
pork cutlet, mashed pot, green beans, gravy

Polish kielbasa*, mashed, Polish kraut*

*from a local European Market. While I was there, I also picked up a box of delicious hibiscus tea. I hope the store stocks around. I’ll be back.


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