A back-in-the-day sorta post

I really had no idea what to title this post. Back in the early blogging days, one of my favorite weekly posts was the menu planning. As I get back into blogging, I want to start sharing my food “stuff’s again. I never stopped menu planning and I never stopped taking pictures of my food. I still love cooking.

So….menu planning Monday is back!!

A note about lunches: While I’m home for summer lunches are a little looser but still sort of planned. When I go back to school, I will plan breakfasts and lunches, at least for school days.

Since Big Man has been home from the hospital, we have been adjusting our diet. His doctors have recommended the Mediterranean diet so I’ve been looking up recipes and finding new ways to eat that use less salt, more fresh produce, and are still delicious. I grabbed these two cookbooks from the library and so far, I really like what I’m seeing, cooking, and eating. I’ll keep you posted with more pictures and posts.


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