Not fit at all

I have sort of fallen off the planet for the last few years. I can give you all the boring details but who cares. Let’s just say I let life get in the way of taking care of my own health and well-being.

I stopped blogging.

I stopped working out.

I stopped yoga-ing and meditating.

I started working a lot of extra hours

I started grad school.

I broke my arm (March of 2019).

I’ve gained a ton of weight. Not sure exactly because I don’t really know where I started but I know it’s a lot.

I’ve lost flexibility.

I’ve lost strength.

I’ve lost confidence.

I need it back.

I’m going to get it back slowly.

Last week, I had surgery. Nothing major but surgery is surgery. Long story short … I tried to have my IUD removed and replaced. Upon removal, it was discovered that a piece stayed inside me. Surgery was required to find and remove that pesky piece. While I was under anesthesia, I had my tubes tied. Now, I have no birth control worries.

Unfortunately, the piece could not be located which meant that part of the procedure took longer and was more intense. I feel like my belly was used as a punching bag!

I’m healing. But it’s made me think. The extra weight on me is not healthy. I’m not as active or as flexible as I once was and I want it back.

I will say, I don’t care what the scale say hit I do hate the way I feel right now. I will feel better when I am actively taking care of myself again.

I am going to commit to blogging more often….at least once per week.

I am going to commit to increasing my activity. Slowly and safely while I’m still healing. After follow up with surgeon, I will commit to daily activity.

Stay tuned.

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