#fiveminutefreewrite #9: water

I’ve lived my whole life living within 5 driving minutes from water. salt water. I actually grew up on an island. there was am ocean on one side and a bay on the other. at the north end if the island you can actually see where the two meet. it’s pretty cool. 

This time of year, I don’t always appreciate the water where I live. you see, my water is salty, atlantic ocean water. there is nothin tropical about our water. but it’s home. it is December and therefore not your typical month for outdoor, water activities and very easy to take for granted. 

Another thing about water and taking water for granted….

My girlfriend’s son has given up Christmas for the last 5ish (maybe more bUT  bad with numbers) years. he has instead raised money for charity.or an organization who helps build wells in places without access to fresh water. 

This boy is amazing! (tomorrow I will add in a link here for more information about Bridger’s Christmas water campaign)

And one final thought….

I am not drinking enough water these days. how do you drink a water by the ton when it’s not hot outside?


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