#fiveminutefreewrite #8: maybe


Maybe I should start this earlier. I’m tired at 1053 (the time I am starting). I’m in bed. and I don’t like taking my phone to bed and currently, my only way to blog. but, here I am. (lack of capitalization is the biggest tell of blogging on my phone)

Maybe I need more yoga and meditation in my day. I’m feeling somewhat unfocused….not entirely unfocused but I’m really not sure my next move, my next step. I have several irons in the fire but no really plan for what happens when I pull an iron out.

Maybe I’ve been avoiding may mat and maybe I kinda think I’m figuring out why. maybe avoiding my mat means I can avoid feeling and dealing with things. 

Maybe I am starting to feel and deal anyway. only starting. you see, I realize the gym is therapeutic. I feel energized and ready to tackle stuff. I’m even beginning to process different thoughts .  

Maybe I need more writing. this little bit of writing has been pretty amazing but what if I need more private journaling type writing. maybe that could be a place to work thru the swirling thoughts about what I want next. I have so many ideas and maybe of I journal it I can declutter the swirling chaos.

Maybe I can declutter more than just my mind. my house is kinda cluttered and maybe it’s starting to get on my nerves. but true confession: I’m lazy. 

Maybe I should work on that . 


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