#fiveminutefreewrite #7 PLEASE



Please forgive me, I started to write this last night and I fell asleep. I was in bed but it was sort of early. Well, early for my usual bed time.  I don’t usually fall asleep in the middle of doing things. I am that person who can read and think it will help them fall asleep but instead, I am the person who will find themselves still awake at 3am finishing just one more chapter.


Not an easy prompt.

An easy little word. Just one little syllable. Yet, it must be a hard word to say. So many people forget to use it.

ALL day long at school, I hear myself responding “please” when students are asking for things. It seems like they forget they were ever taught the word. But teenagers are not the only ones who forget this word.

I know I am occasionally guilty of not using that word.

I will try better to use it all the time when it is appropriate.



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