#fiveminutefreewrite #6:clothes

5 minutes on the clock 



  • I have a love/hate relationship with clothes 
  • I need new clothes
  • Stuff that makes complete outfits. 
  • I also need some shoes. 
  • Wearing pants is overrated and at home, when I can, I go pants free. 
  • I love my leggings. 
  • But lately, I’ve been feeling this urge to wear dresses. 
  • Maybe leggings under my dresses will be my way to go. 
  • Christmas is around the corner. a family gift is a mini-mini-vacation/mini-shopping spree.
  • Lancaster Outlets here we come. 
  • I’ll have my Q to help me find the perfect dress styles/shape. 
  • I also like the idea of simple slacks and blouses…..do these things truly come in a material that does not need to iron?
  • Confession: I don’t own an iron. 
  • Ooh. cardigans. 
  • My classroom temperature is totally infreakingsane. Hot cold hot cold. all day long. 
  • I feel like I need to dress just a little more put together.  
  • A little more grown up. 
  • I need to move somewhere tropical…sandals and sundresses I totally understand. no effort
  • Truth: sandals and sundresses always fit. that is part of the charm. 
  • I have a ton of clothes: clothes that fit too big, too small, and my leggings; winter clothes still in the attic; summer clothes still in my closet. 
  • I need some organization and purging before we go shopping .  
  • From clothes to purging ……

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