#fiveminutefreewrite WEATHER

Ha. what a funny prompt. I came home early from school and went back to bed. with my phone, Netflix app, and a mission. 

Gilmore Girls reboot. 

I have somehow avoided spoilers for an entire week. in the social media world we live in this is surprising. but I managed to avoid all spoilers. 

Don’t worry. no spoilers here either. 

But everyone knows there are four episodes, each named for one of the four seasons. 

I came home early, rested and watched  GG. I think I am starring to feel better and I don’t think that is the Pepto talking. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and I have absolutely nothing planned. which is good because after feeling like crap all week long, I feel the need to open my windows (for as long as the weather cooperates) and air out the sick. plus, I am so behind in my chores. the laundry is piled up to ridiculous heights for only two people. add in a week of sick and the sheets must be washed first thing. 

If the weather cooperates and I can feel well enough to be very productive, I’d like to talk a small little walk. I have done no workouts this week. I have not been able to eat or drink very much water the last few days and this is not a good  way to  prepare for the gym. part of me is ready to go back but then I remember I am still sort of queasy and very tired. 

I just feel weak and tender. 

I’d really like the weather to cooperate,  maybe be like yesterday (60° on December 1st) or close to it. I’d love a gentle walk out in the fresh air. 

South jersey is so weird and the weather cannot be trusted. it could be 30ish° when I wake up and 55-60° before dark. Sometimes we get all 4 seasons and sometimes we get a rainy, a cold, and a humid season. 

See. weird and not to be trusted. 

Fingers crossed for warmish and sunnyish weather to tomorrow. 

And don’t forget to cross fingers for a productive morning. 

Ha. my alarm went off without me even realizing it. 



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