Quick hit. and then some.

Hey guys!

I’m just checking in real quick. I’m at job #2 and I’m sneaking a post in between bar guests. We are dead tonight at good old Applebee’s. 

Today is Day #1 of our end of the year 7-week challenge. 

Did you set some goals for this week? did you set goals for the whole 7 weeks?

My overall challege goal is to stay gluten free. I have been very naughty letting in a lot of junky gluten.  My belly is a mess and my itching is OUT.OF.CONROL. 

My bar got busy and I couldn’t blog anymore. School was very busy and I didn’t take much of a break


 I thought I had lost yet another post. I opened my app today while eating a very quick lunch at my desk and the page easy blank. I was too short on time, and too pissy thinking I’d lost another post, to rewrite this so I just closed my app and went back to grading papers. 

So where was I?

Oh yeah, goals. 

This week:

  • Choose gluten free – as I mentioned before, I’ve been way too lax about my food choices. 
  • Choose water – since going back to school in September my water drinking totals (if I’d been counting, which I haven’t) have taken a nosedive. Drought situations. 

7 main goals for 7 weeks:

  1. Enjoy all the holidays offer me. who knows how the next 7 weeks will shape up but I refuse to spend it so stressed out I don’t enjoy life and my family.
  2. No guilt over food. Just stay gluten free.
  3. Gym. Continue to make the gym a priority. Goal is 20 workouts.
  4. Restart my yoga and meditation practices. 
  5. Continue blogging regularly. I’m really enjoying the challenge to blog every day. (and I am very aware that I have not blogged every day but I am celebrating the small success of blogging almost everyday
  6. Read one book each week. 
  7. Work on 2017 intention(s)

    Each week I will evaluate and determine what is needed for the week and I will set my goal accordingly. 

    Week 1: back to gluten free and up my water intake. 

    Stay tuned for week 2. 


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