7 is the magic number 

Hard to imagine but there are only 7 weeks left in 2016. 

7 weeks to feel good about 2016. 7 weeks to feel accomplished in 2016. If you are like me, 2016 has not lived up to all its expectations. But I am a positive person and I am choosing to make the most of the next seven weeks. 

  1. November 14 – 20
  2. November 21 – 27
  3. November 28 – December 4
  4. December 5 – 11
  5. December 12 -18
  6. December 19 – 25
  7. December 26 – January 1

I present to you, 7 week healthy holiday challenge. This challenge is completely customizable. You choose your challenge. 

  • Set an overall challenge goal (eg. walk x miles, yoga x times, food journal everyday, etc.)
  • Set weekly goals
  • Set daily goals. 
  • Blog about it or join the JenGoesZen Community and join the discussion  

Each week, you decide your challenge and come up with a plan of execution. Focus on what is important to YOU. Focus on what will make you happy as we end this year and start a new one. 

I’ll be back tomorrowto tell you ny goals and plans. 

Until then,



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