I certainly haven’t blogged every day but I have blogged more this month than last. This will be my 8th post in the fieat 12 days of November while I only posted two times in all of October. I like blogging but like so many other things, it has pretty much sat on the back burner for the last year or so. 

I have already skipped days so there is no way I’m going to “blog every day this month” but I will keep on keeping on the path. I will blog often and see just how many posts I publish this month. 

This week just sort of sucked. The time change messed me up – every day after school I wanted to nap. Thankfully, I had some random weekdays off and I took advantage by sleeping in just a bit more than normal. On top of being tired from the time change, it was shark week. tired upon tired. I don’t think it’s possible to   have been any happier to have extra days off this week. 
This week was sort of great. I gave a great PD workshop at a teacher in service day. It is always cool to be the presenter of a class/topic people want to know more about and they want to learn it from you. I hit a PR on my deadlifts  (155#) and, even though I was so tired, I made it to the gym three times. One time was at 6am, just so I could workout with my girl, Kerry. I had time to get to the chiropractor. My chiro uses awesome techniques and keeps my ankle happy. 

I am getting ready for tomorrow. A bar shift followed by chores will round out my weekend. 

I am working on a holiday challenge…there are 7 Mondaysleft on 2016 arena I want to stay healthy and sane (relatively speaking) and I’d love to  have some friends along for the journey. Do you want to join me in 7 weeks of staying healthy and sane?
I leave you with this little bitstrip from 3  3 years ago. Still very true!

Update: join me on Facebook, I will post daily there about the holiday challenge. 

Like my page for more challenge info 



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