Must Hit Save

A lesson for tonight: don’t switch apps without saving your blog. I had half a post written, mostly telling about the last few days. I switched apps (I don’t even know why anymore) and came back and my post was gone. 

I’ll recap in bullets:

  • The clocks fell back and I do not handle time changes well. 
  • Shark week. 
  • Life stresses  (lots on my mind with my future, career wise, and Q applying to colleges)
  • Tired tired tired Jen 
  • I did not blog, I did not crossfit 
  • I napped after school (not on Monday, that’s my double duty day)

I have today and tomorrow off from school. I’m taking advantage and being productive with my time. Today I wentered to the gym and I PR’D my deadlifts with 6 reps at 155#. I tutored for two hours. Several loads of laundry were laundered, dished were cleaned, and dinner was cooked and consumed. I will round out my productive day with a bit of yoga and writing tomorrow’s to-do list .  

Oh yeah, and I need to get all my gym stuff set out. My crazy friend always goes to 6am crossfit. On school days 6am is impossible. I don’t have school tomorrow so I agreed to meet Kerry at 6am. 

So, goodnight!



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