Saturday is for legs

Today was deadlift day! I love deadlift day!!

Saturday’s 7:30 class is quickly becoming my favorite workout of the week. Two Saturdays in a row of deadlifts and legs. Last week we did single-leg-sit-to-stands, lunges, and deadlifts. Today we did squats (back and overhead) and deadlifts.

My leg muscles are still very unbalanced. singe-leg exercises really point this out  to me.  Lunges really suck. I am wobbly and need to lean on a box still. I want to work on this problem. 

It has been almost five years since my surgery. Holy crap. I cannot believe it has been that long. I was supposed to have been so much further along in this healing process. I am where I’m at because I did not put in the work after physical therapy ended. I’ve basically done a whole lotta nothing.

I guess I have an actual goals for crossfit. 

Speaking of goals. I’m working on a deadlift goal. I’m not sure what that goal should be. I wonder if 200# is realistic. [I will need to make sure I pay attention to my weights while I’m lifting .  Today, I really did a number on ny head trying to remember and add up the plates I had on the bar.]

I need to incorporate hip stretches, hell I need to add all stretching period. And yoga. I need to allow myself to get back on my mat. For myself. My body and mind will thank me. 

Five years and I’m still figuring out that I’m still healing .  


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