Good day, good week


It was a good day. 

It was a very good week. 

I don’t often post about school but today I felt the need to write about my school week. 

Fridays at my school run differently than the normal academic routine of Monday thru Thursday. Each teacher has a special elective-type class and a workplace class. English and Math remedial/makeup classes run out a typical Friday. (I teach English at an alternative high school)

My special class is a combination of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Today was our first workplace Friday of the year and I had no idea what to expect out of the kids or their reactions. The kids loved the class. Each student was an active participant in both the discussion portion of class and the physical activity. 

I am no expert and not a certified yoga teacher. I don’t teach yoga. I teach breathing and calming techniques I have learned. I don’t do poses because I do not know alignment. I know how to stretch and so do my students. I’m teaching my students to breathe in stretches and feel it. They can use what they feel to learn how to listen to their bodies. 

It’s and way to figure out what the body needs to feel better. It’s an opportunity to feel better to feel calmer. Calmer body. Calmer mind. Teenagers and calm don’t always go hand in hand. 

I managed 35 minutes of teenagers with attention on me, the class, themselves. 35 minutes where I did not even see a cell phone. Miracles do happen. 

If I am being perfectly honest, I really needed today’s classes more than the kids. I cannot remember the last time I rolled our a mat and did any type of yoga or meditation. I’ve avoided my mat and I can only determine I was avoiding feeling something. I’ll have to ponder and bit more on this subject. regardless of the reason, until today it had been too long since I’ve yoga’d. I must remedy this. 

But I digress .  

It was a good week. 

Do you have any idea what it feels like surrounded by teenagers who absolutely hate to read and write anything other than a text message?!?  This week, however, I had a bit of a break thru with my most difficult and largest class. Most of my classes are a good mix of kids (kids who care, who don’t care at all, or who just does what’s needed, etc.). Most but not all. In one class, we’ve  had a bumpy start to the school year. This week started bad, got worse, then amicable, and finally breathable. 

I pushed myself to some new limits. I’m in my 10th year but I’m still learning. I pushed my students and their initial response was exactly as I expected .  However, they stepped up and adjusted a lot faster that I could have predicted. I really am proud of them this week. 

Speaking of proud, I am the proudest of all mamas. my Q received her first college acceptance. Said  college also offered her the presidential scholarship. I am so proud of my little girl. she WILL change the world!

I told you it was was good day!! 

It was good week!!

How was your week?


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