Now that it’s November 

Random thoughts and doings from today:

  • I need to find good  gluten free bread crumbs for thanksgiving stuffing . 
  • I really want a pumpkin cream cheese roll/thingy. I must find a GF version. 
  • It was sunny and 80° today (November 3, 2016). Tomorrow is supposed to be 60°. 
  • Work or life has me tired. 
  • I took advantage of that tired and the higher than seasonable temperatures to stay home from the gym. 
  • Instead, I opened all my windows wide and did a bit of much needed house work. 
  • And a little bit of prep for Fall because it is November so it’s bound to happen. I finally put all my summer dresses and flip flops in the attic. Insert sad face. This weekend I will bring down my boots. The upside to fall. 
  • This weekend the clocks fall back. it is already dark by 6….I really dislike fall back. 
  • Why do we still have daylight savings time? 
  • Next week is the dumbest school week. My kids are only in school Monday and Wednesday  (Tuesday is a teacher in service day/ NJEA convention is Thursday and Friday)
  • I am so over political commercials and memes. 
  • My husband cooked dinner tonight. He cooks dinner a lot. I know and appreciate ny big  man.
  • I love my new king size bed. I’ve been sleeping on this plush, roomy cloud of a bed for almost a week. 
  • I  presenting next week at my in service day. I worked on that yesterday and am pretty much ready .  
  • School was exhausting this week but I had kind of a breakthrough with my most difficult class. 
  • I miss yoga. 
  • I have way too many random thoughts in my head.
  • I found a new ring to replace my wedding band that broke this summer .  
  • My daughter received her first college acceptance and scholarship offer .  
  • My baby girl is gping to change the world .  
  • #life is good
  • Good night & stay tuned for more words tomorrow .  
  • I’m enjoying this #nablopomo challenge .  
  • Goodnight . 


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