Wicked Wednesday 

I’ve seen many people post monday workouts along with the #nevermissamonday and it sort of bugs me. It bugs me because it makes me feel a tad guilty. And I have NO reason to feel guilty.  

  1. I choose to workout. I enjoy my workouts. I workout on my schedule. 
  2. I work double duty Mondays – school 7:30am – 2:30pm and bartending 4pm -12:30am. I tend to be incredibly tired on Tuesdays.  
  3. Wednesday is my usual gym Monday. 

I know nobody us judging me but I can’t help that feeling. 

As I said, Wednesday is my Monday in the gym. Today’s workout includes a ton of rowing. Trust me. Look at this picture.  A ton of rowing.  

Rowing gives me some time to think while I work up quite the sweat. I am still deciding if I liked this #wod but I guess I didn’t hate it. Rowing is deceptive.  It looks easy but it’s a sweaty workout. Add in all the other pieces, kettlebell swings and dumbbell thrusters and knee to elbow, and it was wicked Wednesday. 

When people hear I joined a gym, they ask how much weight I want to lose. What are my goals?  Apparently,  everyone joins the gym to lose weight.  

Not this chick. 

My goal for crossfit is simply to attend regularly.  At least for the next two months. I am a few days shy of my two monthiversary at Ambitious Fitness and I’ve been pretty consistent but not completely.  With the long holiday season just ahead, I’d like the solid crossfit base. I love the intense and demanding workouts and with more consistency I can make and see changes.

Speaking of changes. I am determined to document this journey. To that end I started taking #flexfridaypics for my good friend,  Lisa.  

I think I see progress.  I’ve been told there is noticeable improvements.  Am I crazy or are there changes? 

I do notice changes during my workouts. The biggest change is all about my pushup game. My pushups are getting better. I feel stronger. I’m still modifying my pushups but the are getting better, faster. I’m going down and up a lot easier and smoother. Stronger.

And the there are my calves.they just feel.strong.  

I feel strong.  


One thought on “Wicked Wednesday ”

  1. Good job making progress. You’re absolutely right to ignore someone else’s schedule. You gotta put into motion things that work for you. Congrats on the pushups. Those are my wife’s pet project lately as well.


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