Hello November 

Two months left in their year 2016. I feel repetitive but man, the calendar pages are flipping by at an alarming rate.

Nowhere is the speeding clock as noticeable as it is when I looat my daughter. My Q is a senior in high school and I cannot even fathom how my little baby is a senior already. Tomorrow we find out whether or not she was accepted into a college.  She has five other schools she is interested and will be applying.  

Eeeek. You can bet I’m freaking out just a little. 

Or, a lot. 

The next few months could get crazier than normal around here. I’m going to help her every way I can. I have no idea what this looks like. I’m guessing this could get nutty. I’ll keep ya posted. 

Speaking of posting, I will be doing a whole lot more of it. I’ve decided to join a new challenge.  The nanowrimo challenge was proposed in one of my groups. I joined the challenge but decided to do it my way. (Of course) There is a part of me that wants to write a novel but I know I’m not there right now. So I’m taking the blogging version of this challenge.  

I found two different lists of “30 days of writing blogging prompts” for when I need inspiration. Today almost feels like a cheat. 

I love challenges. In fact, I started blogging many moons and urls ago so I could join a challenge. 

Fast forward many moons and here I am. Going back to my blog gym beginnings. I sorta blogged about the 90 day challenge a few times but nothing consistent. I chose blogging because it was the realistic goal but also because I want to blog more often. Win win. The challenge motivates me and I’ve missed blogging so this can be a chance to get back into the habit of it. 

I have a few lists of blog prompt idead and I have my daily life to provide plenty of blog material. However,  I am open to suggestions or answering your questions in a post. Ask me (almost) anything. (Hold me)

Cheers until the next time!



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