The difference a week makes

What you see if two screenshots of my week according to polar. I wear my M400 all the time. It tracks my daily step, activity and sleep.  If I wear my chest strap my M400 will also keep tabs on my heart rate.  The first picture is the last week of September 26th and represents a usual week or school,  two shifts at Applebee’s and four days of crossfit.  The second picture is the next week and represents the same usual week to school and two shifts at Applebee’s.  However,  this week was only one day of crossfit.  

I overdid it that Monday but I also spent the week fighting a cold and a stomach bug. I never quite made it to being sick but I was definitely run down and on the verge of something. As much as I wanted to go to the gym it wasn’t happening.  In fact, it took everything I had to get thru my school days. I napped instead of crossfit.  

And ya know what?? 

Rest was the smart play. I rested and rested and rested some more. Just look at the #polarproof and you can see what a week of resting looks like. 

And then I felt better. And I went back to crossfit.  And I sweat like you wouldn’t believe was possible. 

I am positive my week of mostly resting allowed for some awesome things this week. 

Side note: I did not allow one rest week turn into two or more.

  • I made it back to crossfit 4 times. 
  • I increased my Deadlifts weight to 105#
  • I took off 20 seconds on my 100m row
  • My push ups are starting to feel really good. 
  • I can run 1000m without stopping 
  • I am noticing more balance in my lunges 
  • I am almost ready to graduate my burpees one step lower. 

I have my plans ready for the week. Monday is my LONG work day (school then a bartending shift at Applebee’s). I plan on 3 or 4 visits to the gym. And I’m planning on getting some chores done around my house. 

I just looked at the weather and it seems like an Indian Summer is hitting us. I saw temps near 80*F for Wednesday and Thursday.  Oooh I hope it’s true. 

How does you week look like it’s shaping up?

*disclosure: as a Team Polar ambassador I received my Polar M400. However,  all opinions and uses are strictly my own. 


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