Belated Septem/Octo/ber


Here is a quick and completely belated recap of September goals

  1. Enjoy the mornings.  I am not sure enjoying is the right word but I did give myself enough time almost every work day. I set my alarm and my coffee for 30 minutes earlier than I actually NEED to get out of bed. I read or watched TV or sat in the dark with my coffee. I allowed myself that half hour to wake up, to enjoy my coffee, and to get myself ready for the day.
  2. Wear dresses.  I wore a dress or a skirt all but 2 school days. I did not intend weekends to be included so I didn’t really keep track.
  3. Do something outside.  Does running 100m at a time during crossfit? I did not get outside nearly enough.
  4. Make every meal special. I definitely did not put enough energy into this one. I am not sure this is a realistic goal. 
  5. Down dogs didn’t happen as planned. I stretched more often but still nowhere near enough.

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Yep. Its October 5th and I’m just getting around to recapping September goals. And my recap was brief. And now I am going to cheat and add my October goals to this post. 

  • Last month I managed 3 posts including my goals for the month. In October, my goal will be 5 posts, including today’s goal post. This shouldn’t be too difficult. I have a lot to say but I need better time management and more concrete goals. 
  • Continue participating fully in my group challenge. I am loving this group challenge and for the first time ever I am going to make it through the entire 90days. 
  • Make it to the gym 15 times. That’s about 4 times per week. Totally doable and if I’m spending the money, I need to make the most of my membership. I have already gone to the gym twice this month. 
  • Stretch for five minutes daily. Since I am just coming up with this one, it starts today.
  • Journal/track my workouts. I have a new notebook just for this. I will ass in my 2 October workouts and go from there.
  • From last month, I will continue to wear dresses often, go outside and do something, and while every meal is a bit daunting I will make one meal per week special. My kid is a senior in high school so its not always easy to get all three of us together for meals. Once a week I will do my best to have a special family meal.
  • Build my new business. I joined Life’s Abundance as a field rep because I really like the products. I will work on a separate post about this new adventure but I do have a goal this month to work on building. 

I think this is enough goals. I think this is enough to keep me focused and moving in the right direction. 

What are your goals this month? Leave a comment or a link to your goals post in the comments. I can’t wait to hear what you are doing.


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