Jen Goes Crossfit 

I started crossfit two weeks ago. The first week I went to two classes and last week I went to three classes. 

I have been hearing about CF for a few years now and I always thought it was something I’d never be interested in trying.  I really had no idea what CF was all about but I just knew it was too extreme for me. I thought there was no way CF was a safe workout. 

I didn’t think I’d be able to do all that is crossfit. And dang, all I saw was the dollar signs as CF is more money than your typical gym. 

There are other gyms in my area that offer great deals. I’ve joined one of those gyms in the past. They offered 6 months for $99 which included unlimited classes and almost 24-hour access. It even came with one visit with a trainer. The trainer was awful and the gym was not much better. At the personal training sesession I thought I was going to die. When I went to the gym, I hid out in the women’s area on an elliptical or treadmill.  

One time I signed up for this special with the intention of starting and completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I loved that lifting program but I had to do it all on my own. I wound up hurting my neck. 

I haven’t really worked out since I hurt my neck, more than two years ago. I’ve pretty much been in a funk with my health and wellness. I’ve been working two jobs and running a side hustle (buskins leggings and now, life’s abundance) and what time was left was for my family.  The more I worked the less I took care of myself. 

So here I am.

I joined a new gym. 

I found friends I haven’t seen in a long while. I have even made new friends.  

Let’s talk about the sweat. I never knew it possible to sweat as much as I have.

Crossfit is nothing like I was expecting.  I truly thought it was going to be incredibly hard and I would hurt like I did with the trainer at the other gym. 

It was NOTHING like that other gym. Stay tuned, next post will be more about CF. 


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