Quick update BTS edition 

  • Started my 10th year teaching
  • So far so good. 
  • I like my classes 
  • I’m looking forward to working out some new and big ideas for this scool year. 
  • I’m working on a side project that could, potentially,  take my career to another level. 
  • I wore a dress all four days of school.  I guess I’m going to have to get you some pictures this week to prove I wear dresses.  😉 
  • I did not do 3 downdogs a day. I did a few here and there. I have noticed myself stretching more often when I stand and at other random times throughout my day. All in all, I’ll call this a win. 
  • I joined crossfit and went to two classes. 
  • I went to see my awesome chiropractor immediately after my first CF class.  I was so sweaty and gross
  • I sweated more than I thought humanly possible. 
  • I was so hungry the days following crossfit yet I managed to eat well.
  • Thanks in part to my new protein powder and greens blend. I am so happy I decided to sign on as a field rep for Life’s Abundance.  
  • I picked an extra shift at good ol’ Applebee’s and wound up bartending Friday night. Until 1:30am. I love it. My body hated me but they took out the mats from behim the bar. Picture standing, pacing around on hard tile over hard concrete. Ouch.
  • My most amazing husand massaged all my owies and rubbed biofreeze on my sore lower back muscles so I could finally get some sleep
  •  I skept until 11:15 on Saturday morning.  That NEVER happens. 
  • We went to the farm stands, grocery store and completed household chores.  Tho, not enough chores because there is just not enough time in a day when one sleeps so late. Lol. 
  • Today, another bar shift but day shift so I was home early. I was he just in time  for a lovely conversation where the teen was grounded. 
  • Now the only thing left to do is get ready for the week ahead. 
    Do you see the sweat ring on my cool star wars shirt?
    Not A Black Eye. This is what happens when you forget you wore mascara tp school and then go to crossfit. 
    Second Breakfast days after CF. (LA protein and greens.)

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