Back to School & some goals

How in the H-E-double hockey sticks is it September? 

August just flew by in the blink of an eye. 

I’m back to school today and I’m not entirely happy about it.  Not the school part, that part is totally awesome. It’s the summer ending part I’m not happy about. I worked so much in August that it flew by and I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Thankfully,  my friend came down and spent five days with me. While they visited I did the tourist thing and had a lot of fun in my ‘hood. 
I want to stomp my foot and whine. I want more summer. I’m not ready for all the responsibility being a teacher means. 

Time to suck it up. Whether or  not I like it,  summer is unofficially over and school is back in session. Today and tomorrow I have in service and my students start on Tuesday.  Today, I will learn about my new contract. Wish us luck.

On Wednesday,  my daughter starts her senior year. Let me say that again,  my baby, my Q is a senior in high school. 

As you may know, I’ve been partipating in a fitness/healthy living challenge. I’m working the challenge in my own special way but I am still in it. I am pretty active with my challenge group. My goal for this challenge was simply to stick with it. I am famous for starting challenges but not finishing.  

THIS challenge  will be different.  

So it’s September and I have been thinking about goals. Coincidentally, I came across the above “hello September” graphic and it says exactly what I’ve been thinking.  

In the last few days, I’ve been going through my closet and pulling out my teacher clothes. I have a bunch of dresses and I hung them all front and center. I want to wear more dresses this year. 

So my September goals are simple.the graphic is says it all. 

  1. Enjoy the mornings.  I am SO not a morning person and this summer I’ve been doing so much restaurant work that I’ve completely switched to night mode.  I am planning on getting a few minutes early so I can enjoy my first coffee without the rush.
  2. Wear dresses.  Easy enough. I want to focus on actually paying attention to my appearance, especially at work. 
  3. Do something outside.  Self explanatory here. Ask me about this, please. I tend to get stuck inside.
  4. Make every meal special.  This one to me, means taking the time to plan and eat properly. To take time for myself here. With Q as busy as she is, I’m looking forward to Sunday night dinners. It may be our on it night to sit down together for a meal. 

I like these four focuses.  

But wait. 

There’s more.  

I’m in a group and we have all been struggling.  We were chatting yesterday and it was mentioned…hold that, I’m going to copy and paste:

“Since today is the last day of the month… How’s about we start some goal setting?  Starting tomorrow?
But let’s not go hog wild.  Pick ONE GOAL! 

Possible Ideas: 

 – Post once a day in this group as a check in. 

 – Enter food in a calorie tracker once per day. 

 – 30 min walking per day. 

 – Drink 72 oz of water per day. 
Studies show if you pick one goal and stick with it for a month, then it’s a habit and then the next month we can pick another and start “stacking them” (so to speak).  
Whaddya think?

One small goal for month”

My ONE goal for September 

Can you guess? 

Here was my response:

“I’ve thought about this all day. I know I *need* more water and to journal my food and and and. But with school starting I know those may not happen every day. I’m setting a goal of 3 downdogs per day.  Before and after school (on school days, obvi) and before bed.”

What are your goals for September? 

I will bug you about your goals….will you bug me?


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