Around my hood

Every now and again I remember just how much I love where I live. South jersey is expensive and I work hard to live here. My daughter is in a great school and has grown up in a fantastic neighborhood. I live 10 minutes from the beach and boardwalk. Less than 45 minutes away is an amazing free zoo. 

Last week, our friends came to visit. Normally, we head to their place in the mountains for a break from the summer tourist craziness. 

We did the shoobie(our word for tourists)thing with our friends. I will let the picture tell the story.

Ocean City, NJ boardwalk (near 17th St)
A string band for entertainment. No parade just the band.
I love this picture or my friend taking pictures.
A necessary sign. Seagulls are vicious!!

I LOVE the Cape May Zoo. Close to home, free (donations welcome), and amazing.  We go there at least 4 times each year and yet I still take too many pictures.  Here are a few.

This was my first visit to the Naval Air Station Aviation Museum and I was amazed. 

Look at this wall of veterans! 

The letters here made me cry. 

I keep learning more about the history of my area. I am continually amazed. 
The next few pictures are from Sunset Beach in Cape May. 

Flag Ceremony at Sunset. 

Beaches and bunkers, sunsets and flags, history and good friends. 

I had a great week with my great friends.  

I hope you eniyed seeing some of the sights on my area.


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