Week 2 begins

This challenge is so much fun. I’m making it my own and being encouraged by team leader to do so. 

A little background…..

I am part of this amazing group of women striving to find our way with fitness and health. It’s a very private group, so it’s a very safe place to explore and talk about what’s really going on. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve been a member of this group since it started but over the last few years I have not been a very active participant  (much like life….another post for sure, damn these revelations keep coming now that I’m opening up and journaling/blogging again) but a lurker instead. This group hosts seveal 90 day challenges each year. I’ve not participated in forever and when I did participate I never completed an entire round of 90 days.  

The invite to participate this time, ,ame at just the right time. I signed up right away and picked my team.  Something in the description and the team name (Thick Thigh Squad) called to me. Plus,  a friend was on the team already. I jumped in with both feet. 

Week 1 was my slow-rollout. 

This week will be fun.  I have a new work schedule and have the next three days off. Until school starts I have two jobs (Applebee’s – 3 nights, 1 day -and one morning cleaning job) but they never work out to be a double. 

Sidebar: I love the idea of snapchat but I am terrible at posting pics at the same time I take the pictures.  I like to be more in the moment,  but I lover taking pictures. Blogging again will give me a chance to post, reflect, journal. 

This week, I will try and do something around my area. I love where I live this time of year so for the next week, I will remember that and capture images of what I love where I live. 

This is gonna be fun. Who wants to join me?


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