Fall Challenge week 1 recap

This was a very busy week that flew by so fast I can’t believe it is late Sunday night already.

Where did the week go?!?

Tuesday: I went to an amazing workshop and spent the day learning ways to integrate Google into the classroom.  I love when I go to a professional development day and learn something.  I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned. 

Tuesday night: a rare date night with Big Man. At a restaurant. With drinks. Like grown ups. 

The rest of the week is boring. Work. Three closing shifts and one morning of cleaning houses and one opening shift. 

And that brings us to today. 

I decided I was starting slow. The challenge officially started last Sunday but I unofficially started Wednesday.  And I’m following along as best as I can with my work schedule.  

My water goal was simple….make water the go-to drink more often than not. At home this is usually pretty easy. Besides my coffee I  drank water. At the restaurant it has been too easy to grab soda. This week I made a conscious effort to fill water not soda 75% of the time. 

My big goal for this challenge is to make small changes that lead to bigger changes (more about this in a different post because seriously,  I am just figuring out what I want my goals to be for the next few months). I will continue to increase my water intake. 

I did not take two walks but I did do several days of self care. I went to see my chiropractor who is so much more than you’re basic chiropractor and has been working miracles on my foot (yet another post). I had drinks and dinner with my husband. We strolled hand-in-hand around the lake and historic village. I colored my hair which always makes me feel better. I napped on Saturday afternoon. 

I hit over 10,000 steps all but one day last week. 

Not a bad week for a slow start. 

My spirit animal, isn’t she cute?


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