New challenges 

I first started blogging way back when (don’t ask me exact because I suck at dates and this is not the first reincarnation of my blog) as a way to document a weight loss challenge. I’ve had ups and downs in just about every aspect of life. I’ve changed and grown so much since the first time I blogged. The first time I tried to lose weight. The first time I participated in a weight loss or fitness challenge.


I’m back….

I have been involved with a FB group for years now but not really actively participating.  I joined a 90-day challenges with this group as a way to get myself back in the game.

 I have not been taking very good care of myself. I work a lot. [In case you don’t know….I am an English teacher at an alternative high school  and a waitress/bartender at Applebee’s and I sell Buskins leggings and all summer I do various jobs during school hours] I work a lot and haven’t been exercising. I haven’t given myself time for yoga or meditation.  

I work, I come home, I sleep for a few hours and then I do it again.  

This challenge sign up came across my FB feed at the right time. The challenge officially started on Sunday but I had a very slow start. I knew I had some plans that included food and drinks so I slow rolled my way into this challenge. 

With permission I am including the challege overview.  

It is late…like 2 am late….but I just got home from work less than two hours ago….I will write more tomorrow.  For now,  I’m back and challenging myself to work on myself. To find a balance and take better care of myself.  

Peace out, bean sprout. 

For now.


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