So It Is September

Somehow summer has unofficially ended. Somehow it is September.

It is September and I am sitting in a back to school meeting. And another meeting. And a workshop. And more meetings.
For me the start of a new school year is much like the start of a new calendar year. Some people ser resolutions and goals at the beginning of a new year. A new school year is much like that for me.
There is time for reflecting on the past. What worked, what didn’t, what did I love, what did I hate. I’ve been doing some thinking and I keep coming back to this: I started strong but by the end…..yea, not so strong.
Well. This summer, I did things differently. I set two big goals and then proceeded to put them off. And off. Until I was almost out of time. Because that’s the other thing. I am also a huge procrastinator. I completed my big summer goals but it came down to the wire.
Seriously, I finished my final tasks 23 minutes before midnight on August 31st.
So, it’s September. Back to school (I started the 1st) and all that goes with it for me and Q (she starts the 8th). Routines change and we will have to find our rhythm. It’s gonna be busy: school, Applebee’s, Buskins, marching band, football games & competitions, and let us not forget maintaining the house & being a grown up and exercise, mental and physical. Like I said, it will take time but we will find our rhythm.
It is September.
A new month.
And since I just completed my two goals, I guess it is the right time to start something new.
I did a lot of walking and almost nothing else. Last night I did two PIYO workouts (define: upper and lower). That’s two days in a row. And tonight I have an Applebee’s shift which is always a workout.
Maybe a streak has already begun….let’s see how many days I can streak…but here’s the deal, my streak will include my Applebee’s shifts as a workout. Any physical activity of 30 minutes of more, even broken up in bits throughout the day.

So, who wants to go on a streak with me?!?


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