Beach Workin’

Remember when I said I work too much…
Well, I went and got myself hired to bartender the two beach concerts in Atlantic City.  Maroon 5 (along with Nick Jonas and Matt McAndrew) played on Sunday the 16th and on Thursday the 20th it was Rascal Flatts (with Ashley Munroe).



The view and ocean breeze made the long day worth it. Standing and walking in sand is quite the workout. And I did it for 10 hours of it, twice within a week. I woke up Monday with calves so tight and sore they felt like my muscles has been replaced with rocks.
I worked. But it wasn’t the worst job I’ve ever had to work. In fact, this is one I look forward to working again next year. I danced, chatted with friends, sang along, worked and had a good time.

All that muscled tightening beach walking made me pay the extra attention to the care my legs need and deserve.
I’ve been working hard this summer in a more physical manner than I am used to. More waitressing, more late nights and later nights period. More Epsom salt baths, more stretching and more rolling. More legs up walls. 
All this work has taught me to truly appreciate my legs and body and all it allows me to do. Especially and even though, I basically abuse myself.
The more I work and the more I push myself, the more I appreciate what i can do and what my body allows me to do…as long as I take care of it. Working so hard, working so much has helped aid in my “love myself/love my body as it is” quest. Its hard for me to hate my body when it has allowed me to do so much.
I honor myself with loving myself not hating my body. I honor myself with selfless in the form of baths and naps and meditation and stretch.
I will settle back down and not waitress as much as I get back to school in a little more than one week. So the summer chapter is coming to an end and I will begin the next chapter. School, a little bit of waitressing, temps cooling off, marching band competitions and football.
I will continue to find new ways to work my body because I like the feeling of being tired from physical work. I will continue my self care because goshdarnit I like my Epsom bubble baths!
So, what’s next?!?!


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