time to step it up

IMG_20150809_174941_313Remember the other day when I said July was a blur?!?

I let my 100 Miles of Summer really slip to the back burner. I know a lot of my lack of walking had to do with my crazy schedule in July. I was also not giving myself enough credit.  I went back and gave myself credit for every work shift since school ended. I have pretty much closed (which means a longer shift, many more steps) the restaurant. I have myself one mile for each shift. This super-conservative number because I average 10,000 steps each shift. It is definitely dedicated walking time. (on my little picture – all the black boxes are applebee’s shifts)

I am a little more than halfway to 100.

I really need to step it up to get my miles done!

Today I had intentions of walking the track when I dropped Q at band camp but a serious pain in my shoulder and neck forced other plans on me. I rested, iced, heated, stretched and rested some more. I helped my friend move her bed to storage (big man did most of the lifting), went grocery shopping and made dinner. It was a slow day with very little productivity but I did a lot. A very #wycwyc kinda day.

Well, I am going to bed in a few minutes. Shoulder and neck have loosened tremendously and I am optimistic tomorrow I will feel back to mostly normal. The weatherman says its going to be a rainy day so I am planning on 5 #walkathome (Leslie Sansone) miles. Maybe not all at once, we will see how I feel.

I will complete this challenge!!


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