getting rid of July

July came and went with a blur. I had really hoped July would be this amazingly active month… 3 mornings each week I was at school and four nights (late nights) I was at the restaurant. In between, I was in bed.

I was busy, Tired. Stressed.

Actually, my stress feels under control. Managed or manageable, who can say?!?

I could look at the last month and see all the failures….there are at least 6 half written (or less) blog drafts.

IMG_20150803_180527_717Last week I decided I was going to start walking again – nothing major, just a few walks to move my body in a non-work capacity. I like tracking my walks and having  that log of my maps and my indoor stuff all in one place but I was feeling bogged down with what I had done in the past. I once trained and ran/walked a half marathon. I had surgery. I have started more times than I care to be reminded. blah blah blah. I decided to crumple up the papers of the past and toss them in the vault. Not to be totally written off but not to be a daily reminder. The past is often an amazing walk down memory lane but often, it is a painful reminder of what I have not accomplished. I am over the conflict. I deleted old apps and accounts and went with a whole new app and account for gps activity tracking. I went with MapMyFitness (username: jengoeszen) and the other day went for my first walk.

I am truly embracing #wycwyc right now. Working late, late night shifts is weird for me and it is taking its toll on my body. Let’s face it, I am sorta out-of-shape. I say sorta because I wouldn’t be able to wait tables for such long hours if I was totally out of shape. AppleBee’s uses the heaviest plates!! I just know, I need to be doing more about building muscles. I need to be doing more stretching, mentally and physically I miss yoga! #wycwyc is working for me. I am squeezing in sun salutes at the most random of times (instead of waiting for when I have time to set up a space and video and yoga for an hour). And I am letting that #wycwyc mentality seep in when I need an extra nap or a espom salt soak and a good book. And foam rolling IS a workout all by itself!

Before I completely move on, I need to come clean. IMG_20150719_141000_324

July brought back a very bad habit for me. It started off small. Just one here and there. Then 2, then 3. At first, it was only at work. Then at a party. Then, I bought my own. I am actually ashamed of this one. I quit smoking 8 years ago. I am back to not smoking but that lapse sucked. What was I thinking?!? I am not going to dwell too much on this – moving forward!

Moving forward, moving on.

a new start is like a new blank page in a new journal. A new page. LOL. I decided I could use some extra accountability. Sometimes, I just dont have the time to bang out a whole blog post. Even if I am only talking to myself, I need to write more often! I created a new facebook page to go along with my bloggity blog. Come and be the first to like my page!

I have about a hundred more things to babble on about but, I need and want an epsom soak before work tonight!! Before I know it, I will be back in school and my schedule will be flipped around again.


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