by the dots

  • realized I have been hiding – from life. working and paying bills and working. just surviving. not enjoying life. other than work, not really doing anything.
  • pretty much the only activity I get is my shifts at applebee’s.
  • we’ve been staying just ahead of the ball. paying bills and paying debt. not much money for fun. so we have been home. a lot. and we haven’t spent money on ourselves, the house, nothing.
  • Ive been working really, really hard at job #2. I am not getting longer shifts in busier/better sections of the restaurant. Now that school is out for a few months, I will be working 4 nights shifts per week. I am also an affiliate with Buskins but did not put in a lot of work in June. June is always crazy. CRAZY. I focused on school and let Buskins sit on the back burner.
  • I need to work more on my Buskins – I LOVE my leggings so much and need to earn enough money to buy more leggings! LOL
  • I miss my yoga
  • I need more walking
  • I need to find a balance between crazy waitressing shifts and exercise.
  • DubyaWife wrote this awesome fitbloggin recap and it got me thinking…..
  • am I still a fitblogger? It has been 3 years since I have made it to a fitbloggin
  • I barely blog
  • I have gained all my weight back, I think I am about 15 pounds away from being back  to my highest weight. I am not even trying to lose weight.
  • I barely workout. not even #wycwyc
  • I hardly qualify as a blogger, let alone a fitblogger
  • I sorta miss blogging.
  • I miss my tribe.
  • I miss my tribe.
  • why have I backed away from my tribe?
  • Big Man and I finally decided we both need to come out of our hidey-hole and be active.
  • We need to find adventure. Cheap and/or free ways to get out of the house and DO stuff.
  • We splurged and bought a Jeep. It is my dream car. About 8 years ago, we rented a Jeep Commander while we vacationed in Colorado. This has been my dream car. Big Man found a 2008 in beautiful condition. I LOVE IT!
  • I am tired of sitting around stagnant because of money and/or my weight (what can I wear, what do I feel comfortable doing).
  • Big Man is feeling the same way.
  • How can I work 4 incredibly long and exhausting waitress shifts and still manage to get in enough exercise to be fit?
  • Epsom Salt is my new (again) best friend but I still need new waitress shoes.
  • I needed this mind dump.
  • Let’s see where I go from here!

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