spring awakening


I have felt like poo most of April. I wish I could put it another way but after several attempts, poo is the best word. Winter blahs hit me hard at the end of the season. Then I was walloped with allergies and a bronchial infection. I felt like poo.

I started to truly feel better this weekend.

I don’t know what other people do, but when I start feeling better, I clean my house. I dusted and organized and purged. I had help! We still have so much to do this coming weekend, but I am happy with the progress. We (mostly the husband) also planted a vegetable garden. The yard is small and the neighbors are close but with my little buddha statue and stone “garden” and an umbrella for our little plastic table it is shaping up to be cozy!

It is amazing how feeling better, sunshine and warmer temps can totally turn me around. Add in a clean house and a cozy yard and I am feeling recharged and almost giddy.

Even through being sick (allergies) and grumpy (winter), I have some good things happening in my world.

  • This upcoming Saturday is my 8th anniversary.
  • Q is a pretty amazing, smart, good kid!! Her grades are amazing
  • I became an affiliate for an amazing leggings company. My buskins have been changing so much for me. And I am making a little bit of money at the same time. If you love leggings at a great price, you can check out my store
  • I have been working my way back to yoga. I joined Curvy Monthly and I am so happy. I am learning to appreciate what my body can do each day. I am learning more than just yoga poses, more than I hoped.
  • Leggings and yoga are having huge impacts on me lately.
  • I am examining avenues for the future. Big Man and I spent a lot of time this last weekend talking about possibilities. It was fun and unsettling.

I am dressing cute, feeling not-sick, and looking into the future. It feels good to be back to myself!


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