St. Paddy’s Day 2015

PhotoGrid_1426646601068-picsayThe Luck of  the Irish was with South Jersey yesterday! We hit a high of 62F – it was so WARM! As a side note, by 9PM we were down to 35F and it was about 30F this morning! IMG_20150317_170801

Lucy and I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures! When I arrived home after school, I opened the door to let Lucy out and decided to stay there with her. I had an impromptu -in my work clothes – yoga session at the same time I threw a ball for Lucy! It doesn’t matter if I am in the house or outside, on a mat or not, Lucy finds a ways to insert herself into my yoga practice.

Lucky for my Lucy, she is so stinkin’ cute! After our yoga/throw-the-ball/outside time, she was exhausted and passed out on her couch! But don’t you know, the second I touched my keys to take Q to stage crew (dress rehearsal #1), Lucy was up and wagging her tail. She ran to the front door and wouldn’t let us out without her. So guess who came along for the ride?!?

IMG_20150317_203020It was St. Patrick’s Day and while I don’t really drink, I do love to eat! I found this fantastic Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe and I had to make it again. Yesterday was the perfect time. OMG! I wish you could smell and taste the deliciousness through the screen!! I will cook up a pot of Ham & Cabbage this weekend because my produce store sells in bulk, so I have a whole other head of cabbage. I could make sauer kraut (which I will next time I go to produce store and get more cabbage) but I would rather have the Irish fun foods I only usually eat in March.

I don’t really do a lot of celebrating. I am Irish (at least partially but I just call myself American because I don’t know a lot of my family history and well, I am American) so I am trying to learn more Irish recipes! Maybe next I need to learn to make my own corn beef and corn been hash!

How did you celebrate the green yesterday?


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