hoping for a chance

I-Miss-You-138I’ve struggled my whole life to figure out who I am and where I fit in. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with feeling accepted by the world and the people around me. I never felt like people really saw me for who I was.

I don’t even know what prompted me to go to that first FitBloggin, but I remember the drive. I was SO nervous. I was on my way to meet Roni, Carla, Jeanette…these cool, rockstar bloggers I’d read and followed and looked up to forever. I felt like a teeny tiny fish and I was terrified…until I walked in. Every one of the people I was so scared to meet made me feel so welcome. Warm, genuine hugs. Oh, the hugs!

At FitBloggin, I was accepted. Everyone was accepted.

I went to the first three FitBloggin conference, and it was there that I found my people. I spent those days surrounded by people who loved and accepted all of me. My personality, my bubbliness, my gushing love, my awkward goofiness. They really GOT me, and I got them too.

And have I mentioned the hugs?


Going to Denver would be my family reunion. My biological family doesn’t get me, but my FitBloggin tribe really does. I met my best friend at FitBloggin. I met men and women I consider my true family. My tribe gets me, and I need my tribe!

It’s been too long since I hugged my best friend, my FitBloggin family, and Roni’s mom! I may not be the best blogger, but FitBloggin is part of my heart and soul. To be there this year would be the most incredible gift I could ask for.


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