new truth, second v-event

Tuesday was a snow day but we did not have a ton of snow.  The weather-forecasters predicted a crazy storm. A nasty winter nor’easter. They were predicting anywhere from 3-18 inches of snow, depending on who was say what when.  Monday started with snow then rain, a lot of rain and wind. When I made my week’s menu plan, I decided to add a workout plan. I am working 3 shifts at AppleBee’s so my week ends with 3 double shifts.  And there was crazy weather planned. On Sunday there was no way of knowing when the snow was going to start.

When school ended, there was no snow. I had a change of clothes. I had my Polar. I had no excuses.

And man, did I want to go home.

I stayed.

I treadmilled.

I earned this medal!


Going Goofy for Autism Speaks

My run/walk looked like  this…..

  • 0.0 -0.90 mile Walk: 2-3mph
  • 0.91 – 1.0 mile Run: 4mph
  • 1.01 – 1.20 Walk: 3mph
  • 1.21 – 1.25 Run: 4mph
  • 1.26 – 1.44 Walk: 3mph
  • 1.46 – 1.50 Run: 4mph
  • 1.51 – 1.69 Walk: 3mph
  • 1.70 – 1.75 Run: 4mph
  • 1.76 – 1.90 Walk: 3mph
  • 1.91 – 2.00 Run: 4mph
  • 2.01 – 2.20 Walk: 3mph
  • 2.21 – 2.25  Run: 4mph
  • 2.26 – 2.44 Walk: 3mph
  • 2.45 – 2.50  Run: 4mph
  • 2.51 – 2.70 Walk: 3mph
  • 2.71-2.76  Run: 4mph
  • 2.77 -3.00 Walk: 3mph
  • 3.00 – 3.11 Run: 4mph

**I signed up for this virtual race months ago.  This race should have coincided with the Goofy race at Disney Land. It took me a bit longer to get geared up. Last week, I could have done this event but I wanted to start my 2015 events with my Beastie’s race. That was important to me. And completing this race as a walk, not a walk at home video but an outside or treadmill walk, was important.

I have not walked a 5K in months. And it was probably longer than that since I walked on the treadmill.  I am almost embarrassed to admit this was harder than I expected. Why does it feel so much harder and slower on a treadmill?

I worked up quite the sweat!! No wonder, my heart rate had moments of almost maxing out.

Check it out….I wore my polar M400*.


Which brings me to my new truth.

I am out of shape.  Yes, I sorta knew this but certainly did not want to admit it. I know my body needs more consistent physical fitness. I know that the steps at school, take my breath. But still, I thought I was fine. Well, my handy M400 has a Fit Test feature, which helps figure out my cardiovascular fitness level. After taking my fit test, my cardiovascular is VERY LOW. Oh boy! I am bummed but I will not let it send me into a tailspon. I did this test a few weeks ago and I have a starting point. I will continue working to improve my health and retest in a few weeks. I will keep taking this test every 6 weeks.

My number one mission is to be healthy enough to live a long and happy life. I need a body healthy enough to keep up with all I want to do in the future. I am going to use my Polar as a guide and I am going to get myself in shape!! I am going to increase my cardiovascular fitness!


I will…

  • retake fit test every 6 weeks or so.
  • walk a 5K for time once a month. Compare M400 after each 5K
  • aim for goal every day!
  • get sweaty often – plan and complete 4 sweaty workouts each week.
  • stay connected with like minded accountability partners!
  • get AJ and Lucy outside walking as often as possible!
  • Have fun!

My next fitness test will be February 24, 2015 OR 7 weeks after first test AKA my birthday!!


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