gotta get my shit together


It is the first Monday of the third week of the first month of the new year.

In other words it is  January 19, 2015.

I haven’t posted this year and I haven’t really done anything. I decided to not set a resolution of goals. I instead created myself a Bucket (sort of) List for 2015. I also decided to use the words Truth & Acceptance to guide me through this year. I plan on exploring my truth and working to accept myself and “things” as I keep figuring it all out.  It could get ugly in here but this will be the place I do a lot of exploring.

The first few weeks of this month/year have been me fighting one thing of another. I caught a stomach bug.  I tweaked something in my rib/shoulder. I am just getting over a bout with sinusitis and an upper respiratory infection. Q also got a nasty respiratory infection, bronchitis and a fever too. It has been so icky around here the last few weeks. I am surprised Big Man hasn’t found excuses to be out of the house. I kid, he is so awesome and has taken such good care of us!

I am so tired of being sick. I have been so tired and I let myself rest and recover, especially after school all day. I didn’t work at AppleBee’s at all last week. Today is a day off school and I am so glad for the extra day this weekend. I napped and watched movies and did very little Saturday and Sunday. Today has been productive. The house is clean and food prep has been happening in the kitchen while the washer and dryer do their thing in the basement.

Normally, when I am sick, I shut off the healthy eating. Its like a button gets switched. I feel crappy so I eat crappy and don’t workout. These last few weeks, I have dealt with several issues making me feel crappy. I kept my eating healthy and balanced. Not perfect, but controlled for the most part. There was a brief incident with the last hunk of a chocolate bar and if there were any more chocolate it would have been gone. It wasn’t enough until we added in a period arriving 5 days ahead of schedule. Isn’t that always fun. I won’t say I followed my plan to the letter because I didn’t but I didn’t complete abandon it either.

I’d say it was successful! My belly is happy, my itching is subsiding, and I am noticing it getting easier to say no when no is necessary. I have a hard time saying no to pizza even though it causes me the most problems but I am learning and getting better.

Truth: Baby steps, small changes, daily habits, one good choice at a time…IT WORKS!!! It really works for me!!

Why do I fight against this when I know it works?? I am owning this one – and its time to change things….today, I know baby steps and the like work..tomorrow it will be true and next month and next year it will still be the same.

I will be making No big declarations but I will continue taking one solid step after another in the directions towards better health.  This is a big step (yep, pun intended for me) and I need to acknowledge that it is…I like to declare big goals and then I get scared and my motivation peters out. My only big goal is I want to be healthy, for the long haul!

See, just because it is a new year does not mean I need a new me. I just need to keep working on being the best me I can be!



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