Saturday was the day I broke my walking streak.

It was not an easy decision but it was the wise one.IMG_20141108_142529_019

This past week was extra stressful at school and included 4 days of double shifts.  Monday I taught at school and then taught a 3-hour homebound student. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday,  were normal school days followed by shifts at AppleBee’s.

Friday was the longest day to end the week. I didn’t get home until almost one in the morning but I was back up around 7:30. I tried staying asleep but it just wasn’t happening. But, I was completely exhausted.

Mentally (from school) and physically (all those steps) exhausted.

I stayed in bed for a long time that day. I tried to go back to sleep. I watched TV.  My wonderful husband brought me coffee and made me breakfast.  He took care of things. I couldn’t or didn’t want to make any decisions.

At some point in the late morning hours, I made it to the shower.  There was a lot of effort involved in getting to that shower but once I was in there I did  not want to get out. The hot water and the steam melted a lot the stress and tension of the week. I may have taken a little nap in that shower.

Screenshot_2014-10-24-13-21-54After that shower, I’d like to say I was productive but that would be a lie. I dressed in fresh, clean pajamas and climbed back in bed. I finished a book.

I took the entire day on Saturday and some  time on Sunday to completely recharge my drained batteries.

Around 5 or 6 PM , I realized I needed to get my walk in.  For the first time since I started streaking, I just didn’t want to walk. I have walked some less than stellar walks,  but I always wanted to walk. This felt different. This felt like a chore.

I recharged and reevaluated.

Why am I walking?  Why am I not doing anything else? My legs are very tight, I haven’t been strecthing them enough. I have not been practicing a lot of yoga. I have not been piyo-ing. I have not been strength training. I have been walking.

And my walking has been amazing!

But I need to reevaluate my goals.

I need more balance. IMG_20141024_130503_909

Today, I start a new streak -one where I don’t count the days but I just do. Do something. 20-30 minutes of mindful activity. Time set aside for yoga, or piyo, or walking, or strength stuff. 20-30 minutes of sweaty time is the aim but sometimes it doesn’t need to be. `

One streak ends, another begins. But this isn’t about that, this is about me listening to my body and doing what’s right for me. This is about so much more than walking or not walking. This is about finding my way, my path and my happiness. Walking makes me happy so I will continue to walk but I don’t need to be so crazy about it.

I will be repeating week 4 of my barefoot 5K training and I will probably need to take it to the treadmill because it is WAY cold today. After the 5K training, I can’t say what will come next but we shall see.

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