barefoot 5K training, week 3

  • IMG_20141108_150117_032-EFFECTSMonday: scheduled  rest or walk; actual 1 #walkathome mile IMG_20141108_142934_601
  • Tuesday: scheduled 20 minute walk; actual 21:48, 1.01 mile walk
  • Wednesday: scheduled  rest or walk; actual BUSY shift at AppleBee’s
  • Thursday: scheduled 20 minute walk; actual 3 #walkathome miles
  •  Friday: scheduled REST; actual busy, fast shift at AppleBee’s
  • Saturday: scheduled 2 miles; actual 2.01 miles
  • Sunday: scheduled 40-60 minute walk; actual 1 slow #walkathome mile – slow but busy day including a trip to grocery store, lots of chores and one mile, 22 minutes.


My long walk this week was a 2-miler on Saturday. I took my walk to the EHT Nature Reserve – an old gravel pit that has been turned into 220 acres of trails and gorgeous nature.  The sign at the entrance on the Arboretum Side of the park is where I started my walk. This area is special to me – when I first started teaching, my students were working to build the pavilion and sheds at the Arboretum. What is now called The Nature Reserve was two parcels of land – the arboretum and a gravel pit. When I was a kid this was the place for us beach kids to come to “party” in the woods. My husband who grew up in these woods teases me mercilessly about the goodygoody “partying” his wife did back in the day.

The Nature Reserve is beautiful. There is a man-made lake and tons of trails.

IMG_20141108_142545_036                 IMG_20141108_150131_505

IMG_20141108_150744_350                 IMG_20141108_145115_288

I took the pictures posted above at various spots along my walk. As you can see the terrain varies. I walked trails above the lake and down close to the lake. Near the lake, the ground was squishy wet. My bare feet got quite the workout.

***WARNING***I am about to tell you a story! It isn’t long but it had and will have a lasting effect on me!

While out on my walk, I had to pee.  I always have to pee so I just kept walking and didn’t think anything of it. Well, about a mile away from my car and down by the lake,  all of the sudden I had to pee so badly I thought I was gonna pee myself. Seriously! NOT COOL!

I looked around and there was lots of wooded, hiding spots. I dared to venture into the woods to find a place safe to drop my pants.  Looking for a well-hidden place was priority #1 and then making sure I didn’t see anything poisonous.

I discovered a few problems….

Problem #3 – I have no idea what poison anything looks like.  I guess this is something I should know if I am going to walk in the woods by myself.

Problem #2 – When you squat to pee  outside you MUST look to see if there are sticker bushes or thorny vines.

Problem #1 – pulling down two layers (one a pair of leggings, and an  underlayer of tights) in the chilly outside is a bit difficult.


Possible Solution #1 – walk near known bathrooms

Possible Solution #2 – find the GoGirl I know I have from the very first fitbloggin when my friend, Lady C, handed out GoGirls to every female. I have it sitting in a drawer some where…

Possible Solution #3 – ???


So, I was walking the other day and I had to pee…..right?!? Ok, we got that part.  I found what I  thought was a safe spot. I pulled down my tights and leggings in one motion. I squatted with perfect squat form. My ass was away from my body as to not pee on my  pants or my feet.  I thought I had pulled it off.



I apparently had squatted into some stickers.  And I now have battlewounds in the shape of scratches on my hiney.

My husband laughed at me and kept calling me a “city girl.” I grew up on the beach, what do I know about peeing in the woods?!?

Scratches and all, I kept going and I even finished with a smile!!





Do you have any exercising battle wounds?

It was a weird week




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