the blank page of november

I absolutely love the start of a new week, a new month, a new start.  A new chance, a blank page, a fresh start.

I’ve been on a goal-setting roll. I have been setting and succeeding at “small” and achievable goals. Building on successes and learning from the not-successes.  My walking streaks is 119 days and going strong. Even on sucky days, I manage to walk my walk because I have a goal to keep streaking for a full year.  My walking streak led me to start ‘walk a 5K’ training and I have the goal of walking a barefoot 5K in about 6 weeks.  Nov_SS I needed/wanted a new goal for November: enter in the Shrinking Jeans Sisterhood Shot November Photo-A-Day Calendar.  I sorta suck when it comes to posting a picture every day for any of these photo challenges. Yet, I keep trying. I really like this calendar. Each day has a word to use as a theme for me to interpret how to capture.

PhotoGrid_1414170670513It just the first two days, the challenge words have inspired a few new goals. Day 1 (November 1) was “You Before” and I did this picture my way.  Last week, I posted a collage of yoga selfies. While I was yoga-ing to get the pictures, I decided I needed to get back to my yoga. I have been neglecting my practice and that is a mental thing for me. It is also a long story. I look at these pictures and I see where my back flexibility needs improving. I have felt it, but seeing it is entirely different. My before picture is to highlight my back flexibility as the before.

If I make my practice a priority this month, I will improve.



Day 2 “GOALS”

My goals are simple.

  1.  Keep Walking – My streak is 119 days long, and I am starting week 3 of barefoot 5K training.
  2. Yoga – if I am going to increase my back flexibility, I need to work on it.  Yoga is so much more than just flexibility and I need some of the other stuff that goes along with the flexibility. I am aiming for every day. MY way. I read something recently that has helped me to broaden my definition of a yoga practice. It has taken some of the pressure off and I am hoping to enjoy practicing.
  3. Declutter. Oh My. My attic is a scary place to dump anything and everything I just do not know what to do with or where to put. I have a friend who will help me sell (yard sale style) all my unwanted stuffs for me. It will help us both out.  I will take a before pic so I can have an after pic at the end of the month.
  4. Food Journal. I started journaling, old-school style with pen and paper, last week and I am still going strong. This is certainly longer than I ever last when calorie counting. I like having this journal. It will help me see where I am letting (for lack of a better term)allergens into my diet.
  5. Gratitude.  It is so easy to turn negative. Or to complain. I am choosing to turn things around for myself. It is my intention to point out the good and be thankful and grateful for the little things!

What are you goals? Will you join me and the SJ sisters in November’s photo-a-day challenge?




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