barefoot 5k training, week 2

  • Monday: scheduled  rest or walk; actual 1 #walkathome mile
  • Tuesday: scheduled 15 minute walk; actual 27 minute walk through Birch Grove Park with Kerry and Aubrey.
  • Wednesday: scheduled  rest or walk; actual BUSY shift at AppleBee’s
  • Thursday: scheduled 15 minute walk 1 slow #walkathome mile
  •  Friday: scheduled REST; actual 1 mile walk with students, then a slow Halloween shift at AppleBee’s
  • Saturday: scheduled 1.75 miles; actual 2.31 miles
  • Sunday: scheduled 35-60 minute walk; actual 2 slow #walkathome miles

The week started with warm temperatures and sunny, blue skies. It was warmer than I could hope for the end of October.  However, by the end of the week the temperatures had dropped back to what is “normal” for this time of year.

Oh, give me back my warm weather. I don’t need summer’s heat and humidity all the time but I do not do well in the cold. I will try to be brave this year and walk outside, even when it is cold.

IMG_20141101_144329_153I was so proud of myself on Saturday. It was a nasty, cold, rainy, WINDY day! I had 1.75 miles on my plan and I really wanted to walk those miles. I took some advantage of a break in the storm and went out walking.


I still have yet to figure out how I am going to stay barefoot as it gets colder. On Saturday, it was approximately 46* and my feet were ok. At first, I was a bit chilled but as I walked my feet warmed up and were fine. I never thought about them. Until, I stepped in a big, squishy puddle in the middle of  that big field (pictured above) I was playing/walking all around in.

I found the one time I do not like my barefoot sandals. Walking through puddles. It isn’t even the wet, cold feet that was the worst part. Nope, when wet feet slip on the flimsy “rubbery” sole of the sandal.  I will keep working at this to figure out how is best.  I may need to rely on my Chucks for wet walking days.

As temps drop, I thought I would add a pair of toe socks and I would be golden. NOPE! Not gonna happen. I bought a pair of toe socks and when I tried them on I quickly realized my Barney Rubble toes were not made for toe socks.  I am going to try tabi, or v-toe, socks to see if they work better. I cannot go back to wearing real shoes.

Week 2 recap has included the weather and my feet. Next week, I will walk about recovery and taking care of my legs!


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