I looked through my instagram and facebook feeds and I realize I use a lot of hashtags.

I love hashtags.

The word hashtag by itself is a fun word.

I crack myself up sometime! And I amuse my daughter and students when I just randomly use hashtags in conversation. Ok, amuse may be a strong word right there.


#jeninaction – this is MY hashtag. I started using it in January to remind myself to take action. ANY action. ALL action is leading me to the places I want to go. Action can be fitness, or mental (like resting when needed).  I use this tag when I complete a workout and I have used it on days where I sat in bed reading a book to recover from my long week.


#jenskitchen – another one of my creations. I love my kitchen…I might wish it was a bit bigger but I love to cook. I love to find and try out new recipes. So this tag is simply for what comes out of my kitchen!


#wycwyc – This tag comes from my two very good friends, Carla and Roni. What You Can When You Can.  This is a good reminder that the little things do add up. This tag takes a lot of pressure and stress off. It was this tag and my tag that got me started with my walking streak. I set out saying, I can do one mile today. Just one mile. I can do just that and that is enough. I love this hashtag; it so perfectly sums up how I have been operating best!


#rethinkyourday – when Polar launched the Loop this tag came with it! The Loop is an incredibly,motivating tool; one I wear* every single day! The tag is a reminder to rethink your normal routines to get more activity. The Loop is a bit different than other step counters as it tracks your activity and sets your daily goal based on activity, not simply 10,000 steps. My  Loop had a hand in starting, continuing and just plainly finding success with my walking streak.

#walkathome – it is no secret I love Leslie Sansone and her walk at home program. I use the hashtag anytime I keep my walk indoors. I discovered LS way back when it was “walk away the pounds” on VHS way back when my Q was a baby/toddler. I have bounced back to Leslie a handful of times over the years but this is the most consistence I have ever managed. I love it and I will continue my #walkathome adventures.  I am not sure when, but I will become a Walk Leader.

IMG_20140818_172418#gobarefoot – this one is pretty self-explanatory.  I have a severe dislike for shoes. And my feet are so much happier when I stay barefoot. In fact, any ankle and/or plantar fascia issued have been non-existent since I went barefoot. I love my gladsoles and they provide just enough protections. I wear them everywhere, school and the grocery store. The only time I wear real shoes is when I work at AppleBee’s. I am currently exploring options for wintery weather.

1408159018742#teampolar – *I am lucky enough to be a PolarUSA Ambassador. I have been working with Polar for a few years. I had been using my polar HRM prior to working with Polar and posting tons of #polarproof pics when I met Chris Z and soon after became an ambassador. I LOVE my polar products! Currently, I use my Loop more than anything else but HRM is so important. I cannot wait to upgrade to the M400 as soon as possible. #teampolar is attached to any post or picture with my loop or HRM, and me being active!


#jensjournalgang – BRAND NEW hashtag. So brand new, I just created it! LOL. I posted a picture of my hand-written food journal from yesterday. One more thing to know about me, I am terrible at food journaling. I hate calorie counting but I know journaling can be good for me.  This is certainly a work in progress but I will strive to do this every day. I made the tag because I see a few friends are wanting to jump on the guilt & stress free food journaling bandwagon I am leading! Will you join my gang?

What hashtags do you love??





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