barefoot 5k training, week 1

IMG_20141026_171108_996I don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to finishing what I start. I have, in the past, set big, lofty goals and then let them wither. This year I vowed to not do that.  I only set one real fitness goal this year:  to walk 500 miles. I am currently at 339 miles or 67% of my goal. I may have started slow but I am making progress.

And, I am always learning.

I started this year walking and earning medals for JostRunning. I was blogging (at my now disabled listenlearnlovemend blog – I will be importing old posts from that site when I have time) my experience, which was pretty cool. I earned my medals a little bit at a time. I set out to walk a total of so many miles (the equivalent of any combination of typical races – some months I set out for 2 of the 4 and other months I set out to walk all 4 – 5K, 10K, 13.1 & 26.2). That was pretty fun but I sorta feel like I cheated. I didn’t. Jost assured me, they were all about making earning a medal an individual thing. They totally encouraged creativity in completing those miles. It was this encouragement that started me on the path I am on right now.  I am grateful for Jost for helping me find my motivation.

Anytime I use my Leslie Sansone #walkathome videos, I walk IMG_20141023_142340barefoot. I find no reason to wear shoes when I am in my house. Probably because of walking inside in my bare feet I never wanted to wear real shoes outside. My gladsole barefoot sandals provide just enough protection so I don’t have to worry about cutting or scraping my feet (plus, there is no way I would ever walk into a public bathroom in completely bare feet). For the last 2 months, the only time I wear “real” shoes is when I work at AppleBee’s. When I decided it was time to set an actual walking goal and I set walking a 5k, it was/is only natural I want to do so barefoot. Barefoot Leslie walking and barefoot outside walking are very different. So this actually feels like I am training.

Weird, huh?!?

Here is what my first week of barefoot training!

Monday : scheduled – rest or walk; actual – 16 minute #walkathome mile

Tuesday: scheduled – 15 minute walk; actual – 21 minutes, outside .85 mile with Lucy & Big Man

Wednesday: scheduled – rest or walk; actual – SLOW shift at ABs (approx 3miles)

Thursday: scheduled – 15 minute walk; actual – 19 minutes on treadmill, .76 mile

Friday: scheduled – rest or walk; actual – busy shift at ABs (approx 5 miles)

IMG_20141026_175002Saturday: scheduled – 1.5 miles;  I picked up an extra shift at AppleBee’s so I decided to not go for an actual walk. I can easily get in a 5 mile “walk” (and yes, I consider this a walk. All AB shifts have counted towards my walking streak and my challenge, my life, my goals, MY RULES) actual- busy shift at ABs (approx 5 miles)

Sunday: scheduled – 30-60 minute walk. actual – outside walk – 56 minutes, 2.4 miles

Week 2 is a very similar schedule and I am looking forward to it!

*I am currently using only my Polar Loop for my training. My FT60 needs to be sent in – it needs a new battery, and I am working my goals without assistance of HR monitoring. This is ok for right now, but I will want to add that in as soon as my polar is back up and running.

**I have my eyes on the new, just released, Polar M400 and it will be mine as soon as I am ready to upgrade my polar models.

*** I am, and have been for years, a Polar ambassador but all Polar thoughts are my own. I will write a post about my Loop and how it has helped me!


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