stepping up

Ever since I made it past Day 100, I have been asking myself, “what’s next?” My streak is still in tact,  I am currently at 107 days (tonight, I have a shift at AppleBee’s for Day 108) and counting! I will keep going. My walk has become a hugely important part of my day.

Just the other day, I had a killer headache almost all day. The headache was one of those headaches that sits under the surface and lingers. I stretched, drank tons of water, drank coffee, napped, stretched, drank more water and more coffee. No relief.  As the night was winding down and it was getting close to bed  time, I decided I needed and wanted to get my walk walked. And, I actually felt a little bit better while I walked.

I always feel a little bit better after my walk. Any way I decide to get my walk walked… #walkathome with my girl Leslie Sansone, inside on the treadmill, inside marching in place,  and even outside when I find and make the time.

I am going to keep streaking and see just how far I can take this.  Q wants me to go all  the way to 365. And I like that idea.

But, I also know I need more structure. Not all the time, but for some of my walks I think it will be nice to have a plan ahead of time.  I thought about this and decided maybe I could find a training plan to follow. I loved when I was training for my half marathon and I had my workouts planned out every week. I don’t want to go that crazy but I do like the structure of a training plan.

I am now following Hal Higdon’s 5K Training – Walk Program. I know, I know I already walk a lot and could probably go out right now and walk a 5k with no problems. But, I recently transitioned to almost exclusively barefoot – I do wear gladsoles – and that is how I will be training.

I don’t have an official 5K on the books yet but in 8 weeks, December 14th, I will be ready to walk my first 5K. and my first barefoot 5K. I will be looking into virtual runs/walks for my 5k because I don’t think I will find many local 5Ks in December.  I haven’t  thought this far ahead….right now, I am just thinking about the training. I will try to keep most of my training walks outside but if the weather is not too cooperative I will use the treadmill at work.


Big Man doesn’t know it, but I am going to try to get him to go out and walk with me as much as possible. I will drag Big Man and Lucy out with me just like I did yesterday!!

me lucy aj walking


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