I thought I could cheat

deepfried at the fairA few weeks back, the family and I went to the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, PA. I LOVE this place. But this year, I was supposed to stay away from all the things of wheat & gluten. I could have easily stayed wheat free. Except, I didn’t.

I convinced myself that just a little bit didn’t matter, that a little bit would stay just a little bit.

That picture up there is a deep-fried sweet combo: funnel fingers, deep fried oreos, and chocolate chip cookie dough. All smothered in powdered sugar.

I am weak.

I knew going in I would eat some sort of wheat-laden goodie. I was at the fair and that is just part of a day at the fair.

I have to confess/admit….I have allowed “a little bit” almost every single day since the fair. The day after the fair, my friend served up the most beautiful and delicious homemade brownies.

If you know me, you know brownies are my kryptonite, my crack. I cannot get enough. Especially homemade brownies covered in homemade chocolate icing.  OMG, I just about dove face first into that tray of delicious brownies. I had my share and then some and then some again.

I am weak and brownies are delicious.

Just look how off-track this post has become.

Oh, brownies, I just can’t have you in my life.  It’s me not you.

Well, it’s a little bit you with your base of wheat.

I thought I could handle just a little. I thought a small amount was no big deal.

Brownies are not the only problem.

I had a pizza revelation. The day we left for the fair and a weekend at our friend’s mountain lair, I worked and AJ was being helpful at home. He ordered pizza for lunch (him and our dog sitter) and leftovers for quick snack/pre-dinner before we traveled. I was eating a piece (totally mindlessly) while I was packing and running around the house. Husband asked me if I saw myself, I did not but I was eating pizza with one hand and itching with the other. Pizza seems to be one of my biggest triggers – I can’t stay away AND it makes me super itchy.

I had gone a looong stretch without consuming any wheat and I guess because I was feeling good I let myself believe a little bit would be ok. Then I kept telling myself a little was ok, even when that little was not so little.

enough is enough. It is time to dust myself off, give myself a good talking to (sorta the purpose of this post), and get to planning and prepping for success.  I have to have salads, and snacks, and lunches ready to go so I have no excuses. I am scouring through my pinterest boards and making lists.

Today and tomorrow (we have off from school for Columbus Day) I will be making/prepping the following: One Pot Chicken & Broccoli, Meatloaf, FlourlessPB Choc Chip Muffins, AppleSauce, Chicken stock, and chicken salad and maybe italian baked eggs.

Here’s to another Wheat free (Gluten free) Day #1.

I like to streak.


One thought on “I thought I could cheat”

  1. I’ve done well staying away from wheat except for beer. If I have more than 1 or 2, I get really stuffed up. You’ll get back on track. I think I need to get closer to Paleo again after the marathon. I’ve been eating too many tortilla chips.


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