a change of scenery


I have blogged at Listen.Learn.Love.Mend for almost three years. I started LLLM right before I was set to have my knee and ankle surgery. I enjoyed my time there. I decided to switch to a new site because I don’t want to pay for hosting anymore. I got sucked into thinking hosting and growing an audience was where I wanted to be. That’s not really me or what I want. I didn’t blog any more or any better with hosting and well, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee where I don’t need to pay a monthly fee. It’s like paying for a gym membership and not going to the gym. I like to blog simply to document my journey and to be a place when I can get out of my head the stuff that is stuck there. I never set out to make money from blogging. In fact, I never want blogging to feel like a job. I have enough jobs.

Wow, I ramble.

I started this new blog because it just seemed easier than figuring out how to keep LLLM.

So, I packed up my stuff and I moved into my new home. Awhile back I switched my usernames for twitter and instagram to @jengoeszen; it felt right to name my new blog the same. JenGoesZen was a name that came to me and felt right. I was am have been working on me. At the time, I was practicing yoga frequently and I was attempting to learn meditation. I say at the time, because as of late I have not been dedicating enough of my time or myself to yoga and/or meditation. I have legitimate reasons, I mean I do have 3 jobs, the teen and the husband.


Especially since I know, my crazy busy schedule has nothing to do with why I have been avoiding yoga. Yep, avoiding. I think I need a whole separate blog post about this yoga avoidance and the epiphany I had about it. But before all that, regardless of yoga, I was working to become more mindful and peaceful….zen, if you will.

I am pretty high strung a lot of the times. My brain spins and spins and spins. I am always running through my todo list in my head.

I shouldn’t say “always”because I have been working to slow my roll. I have been making strides to monotask instead of making myself crazier trying to everything at once. I also have been embracing the #wycwyc (what you can, when you can) attitude about almost everything.

I am working on me.

A more mindful, a more peaceful, and an all around happier Jen.

I was worried about starting a new blog, but worried about staying at the old blog. Silly worry. There is just no need for that kind of worry.

No more worries, no more stressing about things that don’t need worry or stress.

Jen Goes Zen

Ya dig?!?

lower pond

*The pictures in this post have nothing at all to do with the post itself. Both pictures were captured using my phone camera in the middle of fantastic days. The top is a local’s secret beach close to home. The bottom picture is the lower pond on my friend’s property/farm in Pa.


2 thoughts on “a change of scenery”

  1. I think you nailed it with the crazier too.
    The more I’m on a task the more I notice those in my life who consistently choose not to – and I don’t mean sporadically but all all the time – it is definitely in an attempt to distract themselves from living fully.


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